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Our professional team works hard to make sure that every project is a smashing success. Our staff is an enthusiastic group who love being a part of, and contributing to, the amazing Sioux Falls music scene. We are made up of producers, musicians, and other qualified individuals who are obsessed with music and work around the clock ensure the best experience for all of our clients.


Borderline Studio Executive Producer Manager & C.E.O. of B.L.O. Music Group

Studio Main

  • Presonus Studio One v.5

  • Ableton 10

  • Dual-screen monitors

  • Maschine Jam

  • Maschine MKII

  • Midi Fighter 3D

  • Alesis Coda STAGE Keyboard

  • Presonus 192 interface

  • Art Pro-MPA II Tube Pre-Amp

  • Behringer 8 CH headphone amp

  • JBL LSR-308

  • FOCAL CMS-50

Mic Room/Studio B

  • Slate Digital ML-1 Modeler mic system

  • 1971 Univox Hollowbody Electric guitar

  • Fender 4 String Bass Guitar

  • Line 6 12' Electric Cab Amp

  • Blue Blueberri Condenser Mic

  • Tascam TM-80 small diaphragm condenser mic

  • Fender Acoustic/Electric Guitar

  • Fender Squire Strata-caster

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