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Recording & Tracking

A great song begins from the moment it hits the mic. We’ll make sure that you’ll get the cleanest sound out of your recordings.

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Whether you’re sending us your raw tracks from our studio, or others, we’ll take it and turn them into polished gold.



vocal editing
Pitch Correction

Vocal Processing, layering, distortion, doubles, chops, sub-harmonies, manual vocal or instrumental pitch correction, plus re-tuning

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This includes but not limited to guitar editing, bass editing, drum editing, automation, advance effects processing, FX, synth, atmospheric soundscapes, extensive instrumental effects (delays & reverb)


vocal edit/pitch


Writing a song isn't always easy as 1-2-3. No worries, let us create your next sick, custom beat or song.

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Move beyond your local neighborhood. Get your music out there to a worldwide audience!

Music Distribution

beat production
Music Distr

Music Videos

A song is a story for the ears. Video and pictures tell stories for the eyes. Let's discuss our available video solutions for you.


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Got a hit song but in need of a singer? A musician? People for your music video? We have connections within The Group to fill your needs.

Models & Talents

Music Videos
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