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Arson Lively Dazzles Us With The Euphoric “Un-Filtered” -RGM

So we are very proud of our legacy artist, Arson Lively, he has received some amazing press from the release of his debut album. We here at B.L.O MUSIC GROUP wanted to share his success with you and the world!

"A captivating deep house and chill fusion that will draw you into a world of bliss.

American producer, DJ, and podcaster Arson Lively is an EDM artist whose work specializes in house, deep house, chill, and sync licensing music. His unique sound will draw you in and provide an out-of-this-world musical experience. Recently, Lively dropped his seven-track album Pickles and Butterflies. The hypnotic song “Un-Filtered” is one of the tracks off Lively’s new release.

“Un-Filtered” will instantly transport you into a mesmerizing world of bliss with its striking combination of atmospheric beats and vocal samples. The track’s steady yet commanding electric sound is wonderfully immersive and the perfect way to wind down without killing the party vibes. Fans of deep house, chill, and chillhop will love the ambient energy of “Un-Filtered,” so press play and get lost in the beats." _RGM


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