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Replace Expensive Mixing Desks With A Twister + Ableton PRODUCTION TIPS

Making music is all about getting in the flow so your creative ideas get translated directly to songs without getting caught up in the computer. Many serious producers buy expensive mixing desks with flying faders and LED tracked encoders to stay in the moment. Today, we show you how a simple MIDI controller and a good Ableton script can accomplish the same thing.

Do It Like Pro Studio Producers

If you’re lucky enough to peek into the studio of any industry veteran, you’ll immediately notice one thing – a lot of gear. This isn’t just some assortment of random gadgets that look cool and make funky noises. Every last bit of gear is there for a reason. Compressors add character, mixing desks dramatically improve workflow, speakers and acoustics let you trust what you hear, and MIDI controllers help you work faster so you don’t lose a moment of brilliance.

Pro’s have taken the time to transform their studio into a finely tuned creative space and battle station, ready for the war of art.